Cash Cab: Honest Boston Taxi Driver Finds Bag Stuffed With Cash, Takes It to the Cops

The bag was stuffed with 20s, 50s and 100-dollar bills: $187,000 in total.

When an absent-minded fare left his inheritance in the back of a Boston cab, the kind-hearted hack did the right thing, bringing the $187,000 in cold, hard cash to authorities.

Raymond MacCausland, a 72-year-old veteran cabbie, wasn’t tempted for a moment, he said. He took the green backpack stuffed with money straight to the Boston Police Department.

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“Fifty percent of people say yeah, you should have done that, the other 50 percent say you should have took it," he told the Boston Herald. “I’m not a crook. I always return things.”

MacCausland said he picked up a male passenger on Massachusetts Avenue and dropped him nearby so he could run an errand. When the man didn’t return after about 20 minutes, the driver said he left.

Later, he found the backpack on the backseat. “I zipped down a little bit on the bag, and I saw three bundles of money. Right away, I zipped it up,” he told the paper. “I just thought it was clothes.”

Finders-- keepers! Unless you're Ray"Buzzy" MacCausland; who turned in the $187,000 he found in his cab. #WCVB @7pm

July 5, 2016

 That’s when he went to the cops.

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Meanwhile, the fare had called the department, saying he had accidentally left a bag in a taxi. The man was able to provide proof of ownership and he was reunited with his money, which was part of an inheritance, he told police.

Police Commissioner William Evans hailed MacCausland, saying “His actions represent the high standards that our department has for our drivers.”

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