Girl With Down Syndrome Photo-Bombs Live TV Shot, Becomes Local Star

It turns out Georgia Knoll, who has Down syndrome, is an actress.

It's a video guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Scott Van Der Linden, a newscaster in Australia, was standing in front of the camera in a shopping mall when over his right shoulder appeared Georgia Knoll, a girl with Down syndrome who just could not contain her excitement.

In the footage, she claps her hands in glee, grins from ear to ear, gives a brief little wave and then licks her fingers, runs them over her lips and then dabs her eyebrows into place.

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The journalist was tipped off that someone was behind him because the camerawoman started giggling, he said on Facebook.

Getting interrupted during a live shot is nothing new, he wrote, but usually it’s not something good. Usually it’s someone trying to grab the microphone, or yelling at the crew to get out or there’s a bunch of teenagers in the background acting like, well, teenagers.

“One of the nicest ‘videobombs’ I’ve had while filming … Hi Georgia,” Van Der Linden wrote.

He did, indeed, give her a close-up, turning to her and asking if she’d like to say hello.

Georgia stepped right up, waved frantically and said “Hi mom. Hi dad. Love ya!” 

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After it was posted on the station’s website, it garnered more than 13,000 comments, 55,000 likes and 2.6 million views.

Georgia is an actress and very active in the local Down syndrome community.  She had appeared onstage at the Mayor’s Charity Ball in Mackay, a city in Queensland.

Even the mayor weighed in on Facebook.

“She is indeed a natural superstar! Well done Georgia.”

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