Ray Parker Jr.: I Wish They'd Called Me To Help With New 'Ghostbusters' Song

The performer wound up winning a Grammy for the song he wrote for the original 1984 film.

The theme song for the new Ghostbusters film didn't exactly receive a ringing endorsement from Ray Parker Jr., who wishes he'd been asked to lend his talents to the new tune, which has been widely regarded as a flop.

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Parker, the composer of the original Ghostbusters song, told Inside Edition he finds the new theme by Chicago pop-punk band Fall Out Boy "interesting," adding "I’m not going to say it's good or bad... I liked it the old way."

The new song, "Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)" also features Missy Elliot on the track.

Parker said: "I wished they had called me to maybe work with some of the younger guys and maybe get a direction. Because some of the main things that you should do with the music to a film like that, some of the young guys just didn’t do that at all."

The musician won a Grammy in 1984 for the original song, which had humble origins.

"It was only going to be 20 seconds long or 25 seconds long and they didn't need that much music. Well, no one cuts it that short so I gave them a 1:30," he said.

Director Ivan Reitman liked it so much he wanted a longer version.

“What we did was take tape machines and splice and splice and edit until we made a four-minute version,” Parker said.

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The new all-female cast has also come under fire by some fans who don't want the beloved original messed with, but the originator of the franchise theme song is singing their praises.

“I think it's a natural progression,” he said. “Look at all of the excitement it's generated this year.”

Thirty years later, Parker says people still stop him to say how much they love his classic theme song.

“I think it's a really wonderful thing that no matter where you go, everyone says, 'Who You Gonna Call?’ and they just can’t resist and they give you that smile,” he said.

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