Girl, 9, Uses Birthday Money to Pay for Police Officers' Lunch After Shootings

The little girl was made Junior Officer after her kind gesture.

A 9-year-old girl in Detroit got a badge of approval from cops after she spent her birthday money to provide lunch for officers.

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Samya McLaughlin wanted the police in her area to know they are special so she went to the city’s 11th Precinct and gave them bags containing sandwiches, fruit and a cookie.

“People need to take better care of the police, harm or danger,” she told Inside Edition.

The child was devastated to hear what happened to officers in Dallas and wanted to give something back to the finest in her area.

“What I wanted for my birthday was to feed the homeless and the officers so they can know that all lives matter and they can know that I care about everyone in this world,” she said.

Her father, Sam Walker, is very proud of his little girl.

"She said it's the best birthday she's ever had,” he told Inside Edition.

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The Detroit Police Department made her an honorary Junior Officer for the day following her actions.

Following her visit with police, she also passed around 30 lunches to the homeless in Detroit’s Cass Corrider that same day.

Samya said when she grows up she wants to be a police officer.

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