Mom Refuses to See Newly Released Footage of Cops Killing Her Son: 'I Can't Watch It' | Inside Edition

Mom Refuses to See Newly Released Footage of Cops Killing Her Son: 'I Can't Watch It'

Dylan Noble was shot dead in a confrontation with police officers last month.

A disturbing body cam video showing the shooting death of a California teenager at the hands of police has left his family frustrated and saddened by the 19-year-old's final moments.

In the video shot late last month, 19-year-old Dylan Noble can be seen ignoring instructions from Fresno police to put up both his hands and lie down on the ground.

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He backed away from the cops and appeared to reach for something behind his back before taking steps toward them.

An officer then admonished the teen: “Drop whatever you have in your hand. If you come forward you're going to get shot, man!”

Noble can be heard saying "I hate my life" before cops opened fire.

As he laid wounded police shot him two more times saying he was still reaching for something in his waistband.

But Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says he has questions about whether the final two shots were necessary.

“Were the last two rounds fired by the officers necessary? Based on a reasonable fear, did the officers have to use deadly force? I do not have the answer to that today,” he told reporters.

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The teen's mother, Veronica, spoke to Inside Edition Thursday.

"He was fun, loving, loved life. His brothers looked up to him," she said. "Nobody should be dealt with like this... There are so many things they could have done."

Veronica says she has not viewed the video of her son's death, saying: "I can't watch it."

The video of the shooting has been released on the heels of two other controversial police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, where the funeral for 32-year-old Philando Castile was held Thursday.

Tension remains high in America as a new New York Times / CBS News poll says 69 percent of Americans believe race relations are generally bad.

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina-says he was stopped seven times by police in one year.

“The cop, hand on his gun came up to my car and said, boy, don't you know your headlight isn't working? I was scared. Very scared,” the only black Republican senator declared Wednesday on the Senate floor.

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