Despite What RNC Program Says, Melania Trump Never Finished College

The third wife of Donald Trump dropped out of school in Slovenia to pursue modeling full time.

Melania Trump’s biography in the official program from the RNC is in question after declaring the prospective first lady graduated from a university, when she didn't.

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The program says Trump’s third wife graduated from the University of Ljubljana in her native Slovenia, but she never got a diploma. She dropped out after a year before beginning her modeling career.

"After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at university in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan," the program said.

The false information seems to have come from the website,, which features the same nonfactual statement, word-for-word.

A man in Slovakia named Peter Butolyn claims he was her first boyfriend after meeting when she was 16. However, Melania denies they dated.

Butolyn says she was a very bright student and after high school, she enrolled at the University of Lublijana where she studied architecture. He says she dropped out after one year and moved to Milan to become a model full time.

As Melania went on to have a successful modeling career, she never returned to college.

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The misinformation comes amid new reports of a rift between Melania and Trump's grown children.

She was notably absent on Saturday when Trump introduced his vice presidential pick, Mike Pence.

The campaign said she was busy rehearsing her speech, but NBC's Katy Tur reports that Trump’s wife refused to attend the photo-op because she was upset at the thought process of picking Pence.

Tur claims that Melania is upset because the Trump kids pushed Pence on their dad and she didn’t show up in protest of the choice.

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