Hillary Clinton Slams Chris Christie's RNC Speech; He Says 'Bring It On!' | Inside Edition

Hillary Clinton Slams Chris Christie's RNC Speech; He Says 'Bring It On!'

The New Jersey governor took down Clinton in his RNC speech, and she fired back.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie supplied the fireworks Tuesday night at the RNC by blasting Hillary Clinton — staging a mock trial as delegates cheered.

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He asked delegates in the room, “What is your verdict?” on Clinton’s record as secretary of state and the email scandal that has plagued the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The crowd cheered: “Guilty!”

In response, the Clinton campaign tweeted: “If you think Chris Christie can lecture anyone on ethics, we have a bridge to sell you,” evoking the “Bridgegate” scandal that has loomed over the Garden State politician.

Following his speech, Christie told Inside Edition: “Hillary Clinton wants this fight? Bring it on! Bring it on!”

Christie also said he had no help and “absolutely no orders” writing his speech from the Trump campaign.

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“I wrote my speech between 11:30 at night and 2:30 in the morning, and they saw it for the first time at noon,” he told Inside Edition. “I am Donald Trump’s friend. He doesn’t feel like he has to order me to do anything. He knows me, he trusts me and he is happy what I did up there, I am sure.”

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