One Wild Ride: Texas Man in Good Spirits After Falling Off Water Slide and Into Rocky Cliff

A Dallas man is in serious condition at a local hospital after being thrown off a water slide and into a rocky cliff below.

A Texas man has been listed in serious condition at a local hospital after a wet and wild ride that saw him getting thrown off a water slide and nearly killed when he fell into a rocky cliff below.

David Salmon posted slow motion video of the incident on his Facebook page to let friends and family know of the painful encounter, all of which occurred near Austin.

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"Too dang old to be going down water slides. Fell off this one that is over a rocky cliff," he said.

The footage shows the moments before the accident, as Salmon joyfully slides down the water ride before hitting a curve and getting thrown over the side.

It is still unknown how far Salmon fell, but his injuries were serious enough to land him in a local hospital in Round Rock.

“Broke my arm (humerus) and fractured ribs. Multiple lacerations on my back, arms and side,” Salmon said in his Facebook post.

Despite his injuries, Salmon reported the “good news” that he won’t need surgery, and will head home to Dallas soon.

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At the end of the day, however, Salmon seems to be in good spirits, and ended his post with five humorous hashtags.

“#waterslide #fail #failvideo #brokenarm #notdead,” Salmon wrote.

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