The Desperate Life of Pets: Dog Can't Stand to Be Left Alone After Owner Goes to Work

It's pure agony for Campbell, and other dogs like her, who suffer from severe separation anxiety.

One dog has suffers from a case of separation anxiety so severe that she once flung herself out a window to find her master after he left for work.

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Marcus Anderson, an L.A. resident, has said he tried everything to help his dog, Campbell.

Anderson said that every time he heads to work, Campbell loses her mind, sometimes causing serious injury.

The dog once broke her teeth chewing through a door barrier Anderson screwed in so she would stay in the house.

“There was blood all over the floor when I got home,” he said.

Getting emotional, he added: "I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep her anymore. I think of her like a child and she was injuring herself daily."

Extreme examples of separation anxiety are not uncommon in pets.

Dr. Stephanie Liff says summer is a critical time due to storms and July 4 celebrations that may set some dogs off.

“When they hear thunder or fireworks or any loud sounds like construction or gun shots, it's hard for them,” he said.

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Veterinarian Rachel Malamed prescribed anti-anxiety medication and behavior modification.

Malmed watched video of Campbell’s behavior and said: “I have seen a many cases of anxiety but when I saw the video, I had never seen a case so severe.”

Dr. Malamed says separation anxiety must be treated, and as soon as possible.

“Sadly, in many cases people end up putting their dogs down,” she said. “There is no magic pill, you have to have behavior modification. Get help early, the longer you wait, the worse the situation can become."

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