Eric Trump: Ted Cruz Committed Political Suicide With RNC Speech

Eric Trump took the stage at the RNC after Ted Cruz was booed for not endorsing his father.

Eric Trump, who spoke after Ted Cruz’s controversial speech at the RNC, says the Texas senator has “committed political suicide.”

Eric spoke to Inside Edition following his remarks where he praised his father, saying: "[his speech] didn't represent him well at all. I think he committed political suicide." 

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Donald Trump's second son said that his family "didn't have a reaction" to Cruz's remarks, but the crowd sure did.

"You had 22,000 people boo him out of an arena," Eric said. "How do you get booed out of an arena at your own party?"

Eric followed Cruz onstage and there was a power failure inside Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena while he was speaking.

All of the screens stopped working while the 32-year-old was addressing the crowd in front of a totally black monitor. Eric showed a lot of poise as his dad and his siblings watched.

"It didn't matter [that the screens went out]," he said. "The room was filled up and people were having a great time." 

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort lashed out at Cruz for not publically endorsing the GOP presidential candidate as well as refusing to say his name during his RNC speech Wednesday night inside Quicken Loans Arena.

He told Inside Edition the Trump family was "disapointed" with Cruz, adding: "Senator Cruz signed the same pledge all the other candidates did. He knew what was at stake. He was disrespectful." 

According to CNN, Cruz didn't back down at a raucous appearance Thursday morning, telling members of the Texas delegation in Cleveland: "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father.”

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Cruz’s speech reignited old battle wounds between the two from the campaign trail. Throughout the campaign, Trump referred to Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted” and planned on exposing purported secrets about Heidi.

Trump also endorsed a National Enquirer article that claimed Cruz’s dad was friends with John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Cruz denied his father had any involvement with Oswald.

Throughout the campaign, Cruz called Trump “a bully” and accused him of running a smear campaign.

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