3-Year-Old Boy Dies in Hot Car While Family Attends Bible Study | Inside Edition

3-Year-Old Boy Dies in Hot Car While Family Attends Bible Study

The boy somehow became separated from his parents and four siblings.

A 3-year-old boy died after accidentally being left inside a sweltering SUV while his parents and four siblings attended Bible study classes, police said.

The toddler was trapped in the car outside the Rehoboth Praise Assembly in Dallas Sunday while his family prayed in separate groups inside the church.

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When the family was reunited after about 45 minutes, the parents discovered their youngest child was missing.

The dad ran outside and looked inside the family’s vehicle, witnesses said.

He came back into the church, carrying his boy, who was unresponsive. “He was grabbing his kid, and the kid would not move,” fellow church member Reng Om told CBS Dallas.

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The father asked someone to call 911 for him because he speaks little English, Om said.

The congregation has many worshippers of Burmese descent.

Dallas police have not released many details regarding the incident, including the boy's name.

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