Great-Grandmother Brings DNC to Tears as She Discusses Military Son's Sacrifice: 'Tom Made Big Differences'

Ohio's Sharon Belkofer stole the show at the DNC before bringing the crowd to tears.

Sharon Belkofer stole the show at the DNC Wednesday night when she took the stage to introduce President Obama.

The 73-year-old great-grandmother told the crowd inside Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center: “You're probably all wondering, who the heck is this sweet little old lady?"

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Belkofer spoke to Inside Edition Thursday following her big moment on stage.

"I got a phone call last Friday afternoon,” she told Inside Edition.

The Ohio native said she was asked: "If you are willing we would like for you to speak at the Democratic National Convention."

She made the delegates laugh and cry as she spoke about becoming a “Gold Star Mother” following the death of her 44-year-old son, Tom, a lieutenant colonel in the Army.

Four colonels lost their lives in the attack in Afghanistan on May 18, 2010 — the largest number of ranking American officers killed in a single attack.

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She told Inside Edition that she felt Tom's presence in the room. 

"I felt he was there with me. I feel like he is always with me. He would be saying, 'go get 'em, mom.'"

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