Pantsuit Riot! This Fashion Trend Is All the Rage This Season

Hillary Clinton isn't the only one rocking a pantsuit, as A-listers have embraced the trend.

From the runway of Ralph Lauren to the red carpet, pantsuits are taking over the fashion world.

Celebrities from Charlize Theron to Jennifer Lawrence to Zendaya are wearing the tried and true staple.

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Even young models like Gigi Hadid are slipping into the trend. Lady Gaga wore a red Gucci pantsuit to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Perhaps most notably, it has been the "go to" outfit for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

And speaking of politics, Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope on Scandal has helped usher the pantsuit back into the spotlight.

Inside Edition went to Bloomingdales in Manhattan to find out some of the season's best pantsuits.

Fashion director Brooke Jaffe told Inside Edition: "You do not have to limit yourself to black, grey, or traditional colors."

A pink outfit can brighten any room. The brighter and louder it is, the better.

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You can also dress the same suit down with sneakers and a white T-shirt.

If traditional is more your style, go with a chic grey look or pinstripes.

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