Dog Gets Prosthetics After Owner's Neighbor Cut Off His Legs With a Sword

Nine-month-old Cola was brutally punished by his owner's next-door neighbor when the dog was caught chewing on the back of the man's shoes in Thailand.

A special pooch just received new chance to fulfill a good, doggone life.

Nine-month-old Cola was brutally punished by his owner's next-door neighbor when the dog was caught chewing on the back of the man’s shoes in Thailand.

Despite several efforts by Cola’s former owner to pay the neighbor for damages, the man attacked the poor pup, severing his two front legs.

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The Soi Dog Foundation was notified of the cruel attack, immediately taking Cola to a veterinary clinic, and even covering all of the dog's expenses.

The clinic team then fit Cola with his very own custom-made prosthetic legs after his recovery.

However, with his owner surrendering him to the rescue team, Cola was without a home and a family to love him.

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According to Soi Dog Communications and Content Manager, Maeve Henry, the neighbor, who brutally attacked Cola, was charged under the Animal Welfare Act and sentenced to one month in prison.

The Soi Dog Foundation was founded by Margot Homburg Park and John and Gill Dalley in 2003, a time when the stray dog population grew rapidly in the city of Phuket, Thailand.

Co-Founder Gill Dalley collected Cola from Bangkok and welcomed him into her home and the two instantly bonded as Dalley also uses prosthetics when she lost both of her legs while rescuing a dog in 2004.

Leaving his troubled past behind him, the pooch now lives with the Dalleys, and enjoys tons of belly rubs and walks on the beach.

Cola can now look forward to better days with his loving new family and forever home.

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