After the Grisly Death of Jogger, How You Can Stay Safe During a Run

Female joggers are on edge after the death of Karina Vetrano.

Female joggers are on edge around the country after a New York woman was murdered and likely sexually assaulted Tuesday during an evening run.

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Safety expert Kathleen Baty showed Inside Edition some new devices female joggers can use to protect themselves.

She said: "Circle of Six is a great emergency app. You download the app and six of your contacts and if something happens a simple press of the button sends a message to your contacts that says, ‘I need help.’ It also drops a GPS pin showing where you are.”

There is a strap where you can place a small can of mace on your hand and if something happens it is ready to go and spray in an attacker's face.

There is also the Tigerlady Self-Defense Claw, a device that fits inside a runner's hand. With a squeeze, a runner can be punch or pierce an attacker with retractable spikes.

Baty also advises running with a buddy and first thing in the morning before everyone is out. She also had a key tip: Avoid playing loud music on an iPod or mobile device.

“It's scary, you just never know. It's a shame but women have to worry about this,” Baty said.

Karina Vetrano, 30, was found strangled just off an isolated path where she had been running in Queens, New York. According to reports, she left her home at around 5 p.m.

Karina's devastated father, Philip, found her body about six hours later. He had previously begged her not to jog alone before she went on her nightly run, according to reports. 

Police are now offering a $2,500 reward for information leading an arrest. Currently, the NYPD has not yet announced that they have a suspect in the case.

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Police told CBS News that the woman was found with her hands clutching grass and was missing a sneaker. Her phone was in another area of the marsh and her headphones were missing. She was also discovered with scrapes on her legs and her bra and pants were pulled down.

Karina described herself as a "thrill seeker" and "daydreamer."

She once wrote on her website: "If by some freak accident, I died, what would happen? I think about all of the different people... that would attend my funeral."

Petros Geogiadis, a friend of the victim, told Inside Edition: “The only word I can use to describe Karina is incredible. I never met anybody like her.”

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