Dogs Dressed as Olympians Leap Over High Jump Pole, Prepare for Tennis Match

A photographer shot some incredibly cute dogs and a miniature horse for a series of Olympic-themed photos.

Move over, Olympians – there are some new dogs in town ready to take over the Games.

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In a series of incredibly cute images, New York City photographer Chantal Adair, 29, shot some of her favorite dogs of Instagram posing as Olympic athletes.

“I used to photograph mostly fashion street style. I got fed up with that and I decided to dress up dogs,” Adair told “All my work now is dog related, whether it’s Fashion Week, or the Olympics, I like to get dogs in character and dress them up.”

Adair’s quirky sense of humor and the impending Olympics led her to come up with the idea for dressing up the dogs, as well as an Instagram-famous miniature horse.

“I’m interested in anything that’s ridiculous,” said Adair, whose Instagram handle is @thedogstyler.

Courtesy of Chantal Adair

In one photo, a Chihuahua known on Instagram as @ChloeKardoggian poses regally on top of Hamlet the horse. “I wanted to portray Chloe as a polo player in the Olympics. This is her and her horse getting ready to showcase and train,” quipped Adair.

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“You only get a second or two. Chloe was growling the whole time when the mini horse was trying to kiss her,” Adair said.

Courtesy of Chantal Adair

In another photo, a Dalmatian leaps over a high jump pole. “l posted that I wanted a dog that can do an activity. This was in Central Park. It took her a while before she was comfortable with the bar, and then she was great. She jumped really high,” she said.

As for the dog’s snazzy attire, “The jeans jacket is actually mine. It was left over from my college days. Any dog over 40 pounds in the photos is probably in my clothes,” she said, laughing. “The tutu I got on amazon. She’s like a seven-year-old tutu size. I wanted to make her look like a high jumper.”

And in a third image, two dogs are dressed up as Olympic tennis athletes, posing on Manhattan outdoor courts. “They’re both Cockapoos. I knew Remi, the one on the right. I liked that Blake looks like Remi and I thought it would be fun to have them as doubles players. It was super playful,” she said.

“These photos are a celebration,” she said. “For sure I’ll be watching the Olympics!”

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