Is This the Worst TV Makeover Ever? Model Grins Through Disastrous Hairstyle Live on Air

The internet went crazy over the faux pas.

Will this Today show segment go down as the worst makeover in TV history?

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On Wednesday, beauty expert Deepica Mutyala tried to show off her skills by giving a woman a quick updo for the summer.

Model Malyia McNaughton, who has beautiful curls, was given a makeover that made her hair look as if she was caught in a wind tunnel. The stylist pulled the model's hair into an awkward ponytail -- and viewers weren't impressed.

“What a disaster,” one person wrote.

“Omg she didn’t know anything about natural hair,” went another.

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“Deepica Mutyala should be banned from ever touching black hair again,” said one viewer.

McNaughton managed to smile through it all. However, the stylist said she was devastated.

“I am deeply sorry for what happened,” she said in a statement.

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