Teen Dies With Instructor in Tandem Skydive as His Family Watches From the Ground

The teen died after hitting the ground in a Northern California vineyard.

Two tandem skydivers died in California on Saturday after the parachute failed to open.

One of the victims, whose name has not been released, was a teenager whose family was watching from below as he and the instructor hit the ground at about 10 a.m.

It was the teen's first-ever jump.

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Both victims died on impact in a Lodi vineyard, according to reports.

Tragically, the San Joaquine County Sheriff's Office said it appeared that the parachute deployed after impact.

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Authorities on Sunday were still trying to reach one of the men's families for notification, sheriff's Sgt. Brandon Riley. The instructor was in his mid-20s, Riley said.

Sheriff’s deputies first responded to a 911 call from a citizen reporting that one of his field workers called him and said a skydiver hit the ground without an open parachute.

The FAA has been contacted and will be taking over the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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