18 Tacoma Hospital Birthing Unit Staffers Having Babies of Their Own This Year

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Eighteen nurses, doctors and administrative staff who all work in the birthing unit at one hospital are having babies this year of their own. With all the stress of the pandemic, working together at Tacoma General Hospital has actually been comforting.

"I don’t think anyone knew anyone else was trying to get pregnant at all,” said one doctor. “It just kind of happened.”

Thirteen of the 18 babies have already been born, and some of the women actually helped deliver their co-workers’ children.

The nurses say it’s been a blessing during an extraordinarily hard year.

“All of us sharing this experience was a ray of sunshine in this, kind of, weird time that we’re in,” another one of the moms said. “We all got to celebrate each other and enjoy going through this experience together.”


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