18-Year-Old Oliver Daemen Will Become the Youngest Astronaut When He Joins Jeff Bezos on Blue Origin Flight

They will be joined by legendary pilot Wally Funk. Funk, 82, will be the oldest person in space. 

Oliver Daemen, 18, will be joining Jeff Bezos on Blue Origin’s first commercial passenger flight. Daemen takes the place of an unnamed passenger who had put down $28 million for the trip. That person couldn’t make it, reportedly because of a scheduling conflict. 

Daemen was the auction runner-up and said he’s looking forward to the 11-minute space trip. “I am super excited to experience zero-g and see the world from above," he said. "I am super excited to go to space and join the flight."

“I’ve been dreaming about this all my life," he continued. "Now I become the youngest astronaut ever.” 

He’ll be joined by Jeff Bezos’ brother, Mark, and legendary pilot Wally Funk. At 82 years old, Funk will be the oldest person in space

Funk was one of the Mercury 13, a group of women trained as astronauts in the early '60s.

The Bezos trip will follow the recent space flight by Richard Branson.

“We wish Jeff the absolute best and the people who are going up with him during his flight,” Branson said about Bezos's forthcoming flight.

For now, getting to go to space is something only trained professionals, as well as the very wealthy and very lucky, can do. But billionaire Branson does say he has bigger dreams.

“So just imagine, a world where people of all ages, all backgrounds from anywhere, of any gender, of any ethnicity, have equal access to space.”

They’ll just need to lower those ticket prices first. 

The Blue Origin launch with Daemen, Funk and the Bezos brothers is scheduled for July 20, from a site in west Texas.

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