U.S. Gymnasts Make Sure To Grab Their Gold Medals During Fire Alarm

Everyone was okay and it ended up being a false alarm.

American sweetheart Simone Biles had a little fun with her teammates during a fire alarm Wednesday afternoon.

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As everyone left the building they were in, Biles and the rest of her "Final Five" teammates protected one thing – their gold medals.

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In a video posted on Snapchat, Biles said: “The fire alarm's going off, but we got our gold!"


SC: simonebiles pic.twitter.com/6YrhpiF63z

— Alysha Tsuji (@AlyshaTsuji) August 10, 2016

It ended up being a false alarm and Biles tweeted: “#Everythingisokay.”

when a fire alarm goes off in your building, grab your medal and gym bag. #everythingisokay

— Simone Biles (@Simone_Biles) August 10, 2016

The team picked up their first gold medals on Tuesday night in the women's all-around competition. 

The elite group once dubbed “The Fierce Five” has renamed themselves “The Final Five" in honor of their beloved coach.

The name change comes in honor of coach Marta Karolyi, 73, who will step down after the Rio Olympics.

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