Get a Glimpse Inside Trump's Luxurious Fifth Avenue Tower

One of the apartments could be yours for a cool $23 million.

Ever since Donald Trump descended a golden escalator to announce his run for president, the skyscraper that bears his name has been a source of fascination.

No less so than this week, when a man scaled the side of the building before eventually being hauled inside through a window.

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So what's behind that glass façade?

A large, gold-plated atrium takes up the first four floors. The public space is filled with high-end stores, such as Tourneau watches and Ivanka Trump’s jewelry line. There’s also a food court and a garden, which members of the public can access.

Between the 5th and 26th floors are offices for companies including Gucci and the Trump Corporation.

Trump’s three grown children, Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric, have offices on the 25th floor, while Trump himself has an office on the 26th floor.

The residential part of the building falls between the 27th and 58th floors, where there are more than 260 luxury apartments. Bruce Willis once had a 15-room apartment inside the building, while international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo owns the penthouse worth $18 million.

"If you live in the residences, you have a separate entrance, separate lobby, separate staff," Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern, the executive vice president of Kleier Residential, told Inside Edition. "You always have somebody to escort you up in the elevator wherever you're going, which is a really nice feature."

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Trump lives in the three-story penthouse, which has décor inspired by the Palace of Versailles. The floors are marble and the rooms are dripping with gold.

For those interested in having Trump as a neighbor, an apartment on the 55th floor – right below Trump – is on sale for $23 million. The home has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms and incredible views of Central Park and Manhattan.

"Or if your budget is not exactly there, rentals here start... [at] $5,500 for a one bedroom," Kleier Morgenstern said. "If you have a little bit of a bigger budget, you could get a three-bedroom for $30,000."

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