Woman Climbs Out of Truck Brandishing Gun in Shocking Road Rage Video

The woman pulled out her weapon when both cars pulled into a gas station.

A shocking road rage incident in Gainesville, Florida was caught on camera, capturing the moment the altercation escalated and a woman involved appeared to pull out a gun.

Surveillance footage shows a black pickup truck and a silver sedan pulling into a gas station before the nasty confrontation earlier in the week.

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One of the two women who got out of the truck wielded a gun before the male driver of the pickup appeared from off camera and wrestled the weapon out of her hand.

Jacob Sylvester, identified by authorities as the pickup's driver, was charged with assault and battery. He's refused to identify his gun-toting lady friend.

Police are still looking to identity the other people involved in the incident.

It appears that as heat rises this summer, so does the rage.

In Canada, one distraught driver approached another motorist and lost it on Saturday, footage shows.

He used a baton and smashed car windows during the confrontation, which was caught on camera.

He even threatened the driver, saying: "you're going to be in the f****** hospital if you don't get out of here!”

Damien Dallyn recorded the whole scary encounter, telling Inside Edition: “I was in shock.”

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Unbelievably, after smashing the window, the attacker gladly identifies himself when Dallyn asked his name.

“Dennis Tissington,” he said before driving off.

Tissington, 67, was arrested and charged with mischief. He is due in court in October.

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