Regis Speaks About Retiring

Fans are still shocked over Regis Philbin's surprise announcement that he's retiring from his long-running morning show. INSIDE EDITION has reaction from other TV legends.

INSIDE EDITION caught up the beloved TV legend during a morning walk, for an exclusive chat the day after his surprise announcement that he's leaving Live with Regis and Kelly.

Regis tells INSIDE EDITION, "It was tough! It's been a long time since I have been doing these things. And then I didn't make it clear that I'm not retiring from show business. I'm leaving the show and I'm moving on from the show."  

During the two block stroll Regis opened up to our producer Elizabeth Wolff about his future plans and said, "Now, I gotta think about if I really want to do something else. Or if I'm gonna be allowed to do something else, if anyone is going to call me. You don't have a job for me do you? We could do a co-host thing."

Reaction continues to pour in about the end of this TV era. Regis's departure was all the buzz on the red carpet at Betty White's 89th birthday party.  

Valerie Bertinelle says, "I love Regis and I love seeing him in the morning but I'm sure it's not the last of him."

Sherri Shepherd says, "It was a little sad because you could time memories of your life with Regis Philbin "

Even the birthday girl herself was talking about it. Betty White added, "I think  Regis is retiring hoping to set an example for me to get out of everyone's hair, but I'm not going to do it!"

Regis called his good pal David Letterman to talk about his decision to step down, "Dave you would make me feel much better if you sing a couple lines of there's no business like show business," while Regis was still singing on the phone Letterman hung up, as a joke.

Regis's big news is making headlines and The New York Post ran a three page tribute, much to his delight.

Regis says, "Cause I love the press! Oh boy. Not to be morbid, but I almost thought I was looking at my obituary."

Speculation continues about possible replacements. Wayne Brady, Neil Patrick Harris and Bryant Gumble are among the new names being talked about in addition to potential front-runners Jeff Probst and Kelly Rippa's husband Mark Conseulos.

While millions of americans are sad to see Regis sign off, Philbin says there's one person who really doesn't want to see him leave daytime TV, his wife Joy.

Philbin wants everyone to know that his retirement has absolutely nothing to do with his health.