'Hypocrites!': Dixie Chicks Singer Bashes Country Radio Stations for Support of Donald Trump

Natalie Maines, who faced a boycott for blasting President George W. Bush in 2003, is at it again.

Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines is going off on country radio stations for what she believes is full support of Donald Trump.

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Following Trump’s claims that President Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS, a statement he said was "sarcastic," the politically outspoken singer tweeted Wednesday:

I get banned for not liking Bush and now Trump can practically put a hit out on Hillary and he's still all over country radio! Hypocrites!

— Natalie Maines (@1NatalieMaines) August 11, 2016

She was referring to the storm of controversy she faced when she spoke out against President George W. Bush at a concert in 2003.

The Texas singer infamously said: "We are ashamed the president is from Texas."

The backlash was swift; country radio turned its back on the Dixie Chicks and called for a boycott of their music.

The boycott and turmoil was showcased in the 2006 documentary, Shut Up and Sing. That same year, an unapologetic Maines answered her critics with the hit song "Not Ready to Make Nice."

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Now she's on the attack again for what she claims is Trump's support from radio stations that play country music.

Trump has been endorsed by some big names in country, including Kenny Rogers and Loretta Lynn.

During recent concerts, Dixie Chicks have been performing in front of a giant photo of Trump with hand drawn horns on his head and a devil's mustache on his face. 

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