Traditional First Lady Cookie Contest Pits Bill Versus Melania

The women competing to become first lady traditionally go head-to-head with a cookie recipe. So where does that leave Bill Clinton?

Is a traditional cookie recipe contest the first glimpse of former president Bill Clinton as potential First Dude?

Every year since Hillary's first entrance onto the national stage in the 1992 presidential election, the first lady hopefuls have submitted their favorite cookie recipes to Family Circle magazine in order to win the hearts and stomachs of America.

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But this year sees a decidedly different matchup in the form of former (occasionally nude) model Melania Trump versus what could be America's first ever first gentleman.

In one corner, the third Mrs. Trump offers "Melania Trump's Star Cookies," which appear to be run-of-the-mill butter cookies save for the addition of Eastern Europe's favorite cultured condiment, sour cream, to the mix. 

In the other corner are the "Clinton Family's Chocolate Chip Cookies," another typical confectionary affair. But did Bill have any relations with this recipe?

On that last specific, Family Circle is not clear.

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What is clear is that there has never been a First Spouse matchup quite like 2016's.

To participate in the annual contest, visit the Family Circle Facebook page and "like" the cookie recipe of your choice.

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