City Howl: Dog Wins Third Term as Mayor of Minnesota Town

Duke the dog has been in office since 2014.

While most 2016 election chatter is focused around Trump and Clinton, this four-legged candidate is back on the bully paw-pit.

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The people of Cormorant, Minnesota, have elected a dog again as their mayor.

Duke, a Great Pyrenees who is 9 years old, won another year as the mayor of the small town that boasts just 1,039 citizens.

Nearly every vote in the town went to the dog, except for his girlfriend, Lassie, who did not vote for him, according to reports.

Duke has been barking orders in Cormorant since taking office in 2014. That year, 12 people voted as he beat Richard Sherbrook, a human, for the position.

Sherman let bygones be bygones and even voted for Duke.

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Voters paid $1 to cast their votes in Sunday’s election which was held during a town fair.

Duke even has a Facebook page for his supporters. 

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