Woman Who Accused Chris Brown of Pulling Gun on Her: 'I Thought He Was Going to Kill Me'

"He endangered my life, he's the one who put the gun in my face, I'm the victim not him," she told Inside Edition.

The former beauty queen who called the cops on Chris Brown after the Grammy award winner allegedly pointed a gun at her has revealed the circumstances that led to the singer's arrest.

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Baylee Curran fled Brown’s Tarzana, California, house barefoot at about 3 a.m. Tuesday after she said she touched some jewelry, which angered Brown. The next thing she knew, she says she was staring at a gun barrel.

“He pointed a gun at my face and said: ‘Get the eff out,’” she claimed to Inside Edition. “I was terrified… I thought he was going to shoot me.”

Curran and a business associate went to Brown’s home Monday night for a meeting with the singer. She told police that things went south after she was admiring a diamond necklace showcased in his home.

Once she left the home, she called 911.

The singer refused to leave his home and speak with officers but he posted several profanity-laced rants on Instagram.

When police attempted to enter the home, they were reportedly told to obtain a search warrant. By 12:30 p.m., Brown's attorney arrived and entered the home.

The singer's entourage then filed out of the house and lined up as police checked them for weapons before questioning the guests as news choppers captured the whole situation overhead.

Curran, a former Miss California regional, says that she has spent time with the singer in the past but never experienced anything like this before.

The bewildered Curran asked: “Why are you going to point a gun in the face of an unarmed girl?” Adding: “It crossed my mind; I thought he was going to kill me.”

Following his arrest, she says she feels “vindicated” because “everyone needs to know the truth.” She says that she has been harassed by fans saying she is doing this for attention. Curran says that is untrue. 

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“He endangered my life, he's the one who put the gun in my face, I'm the victim not him,” she told Inside Edition.

According to authorities, the “Run It” singer was booked and released on $250,000 bail.

Curran says she has not heard from Brown since the incident.

She says that if there was something she could say to him, it would be: “He knows what he did. I wish he would come out with a nice, open heart and just tell the truth. Tell the truth and I am sure all of his fans will be forgiving.”

Brown has proclaimed his innocence and his lawyer says the allegations against him are false.

His lawyer, Mark Geragos released a statement on Twitter:

Brown's accuser has her own issue with the law. Police in New York would like to question her in connection with a stolen wallet incident she witnessed  at the Plaza Hotel in 2013.

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