Man Busted After Using His Own Wanted Poster For Facebook Photo: Cops

A Florida man was arrested Tuesday after using the conspicuous photo as his profile picture.

A Florida man was arrested last week after cops say he used his own wanted poster for his Facebook profile picture.

Mack Yearwood was arrested Tuesday on two outstanding warrants by Stuart police.

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Stuart Police said the photo helped lead them to Yearwood.

However, Yearwood wasn't done making mistakes when officers showed up at his door, cops say. 

Stuart Police described Yearwood's arrest in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

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"While he was taken into custody, he asked to put on a pair of jeans that were located on the floor beside him. Mr. Mack must have forgotten that his bag of marijuana was still in the pocket," the post read.

Yearwood also picked up an additional charge of possession of cannabis under 20 grams.

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