Here Comes the Boom: Earthquake Causes Mother to Give Birth

The 5.6-magnitude earthquake was the largest to ever rock the state and nurses say caused this woman's water to break.

During Saturday’s historic earthquake in Oklahoma, the shaking of the ground caused one pregnant woman’s water to break and forced her into labor.

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Tulsa native Tara Ring started to have contractions at 5 a.m., right in the middle of the earthquake, and eventually her water broke.

Her husband, Josh, drove her to the hospital where she delivered their 6-pound, 4-ounce bundle of joy, Ainsly Grace, into the world.

Josh told Oklahoma station KOTV: “Having the earthquake be there, but not only that but being the biggest that ever been recorded in Oklahoma — to have that to say, 'Hey you came into this earth because of an earthquake,' is defiantly a cool story that will last for her whole life."

He added: “All the nurses were saying the earthquake caused the water to break, but I was saying the opposite. I was like, ‘the water breaking caused the earth to shake 'cause my little daughter was coming into the world.’”

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The mother and daughter are doing just fine. The couple also has a young son.

The 5.6-magnitude earthquake is the largest ever to rock the state.

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