70-Year-Old Says He Held Up Bank to Get Away From His Wife: Cops

He had a fight with his wife, then he robbed a bank, authorities said.

Perhaps he should have considered divorce. 

A 70-year-old Kansas man is in federal custody after he held up a bank so he wouldn’t have to live with his wife anymore, authorities said.

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Lawrence John Ripple was charged in federal court with robbing the Bank of Labor in Kansas City on Friday.

The man handed over a note that read, “I have a gun, give me money,” according to court documents, the Kansas City Star reported Wednesday.

The teller obliged, giving Ripple an undisclosed amount of cash, the paper said.

Instead of fleeing, Ripple ambled over to the lobby and grabbed a seat, and waited for the law to show up, authorities said.

It didn’t take long because the Kansas City police have a station house on the same block.

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In the meantime, a bank security guard relieved Ripple of his loot. “I’m your man,” the senior citizen thief allegedly said, according to court documents.

Later, while being interrogated by detectives, Ripple said he and his wife had fought and he “no longer wanted to be in that situation,” the paper reported.

Ripple had written his bank robbery note in front of his wife, and told her, “he’d rather be in jail than at home,” said an affidavit filed by a FBI agent.

It was not clear whether Ripple had entered a plea.

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