Girl Opens Fire At High School, Wounds Another Student, Then Takes Her Own Life: Cops

The Texas high school was evacuated as a result of the shooting Thursday morning.

A teenage girl shot another student at her Texas high school Thursday before taking her own life, according to reports.

Both students were females, according to authorities. The shootings occurred in the school's band hall.

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Alpine High School, located in the western part of the state, was placed on lockdown, as were surrounding schools, authorities said. 

The wounded student was transported to a local hospital by residents who picked her up after she ran wounded into the street. 

"This community did not expect this. We don't want this and we can't explain it yet," said Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson, according to KWES-TV.

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The shooter had moved to the area about six months ago, Dodson said. Relatives described her as a straight-A student. The school year opened nearly three weeks, authorities said. 

A law enforcement officer was also wounded in a friendly fire incident, the sheriff said. 

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