450-Pound Snaggle-Toothed 'Monster' Gator Captured Near School

After receiving a call about a gator near a middle school and high school, they arrived to find a 11-foot, 450-pound monster.

Florida cops may be used to dealing with alligators, but nothing as terrifying as this toothy menace found lurking near several schools.

After receiving a call about a gator near a middle school and high school, they arrived to find an 11-foot, 450-pound monster.

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“We usually get calls for alligators — you know small ones — but this one caught our attention because we’ve never seen anything like it," Sergeant Mark Leone told InsideEdition.com.

It likely emerged from a nearby canal, he said.

The officers contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who lassoed the gator and attempted to tape its mouth shut.

Footage shows the gator fighting to get free but the trappers soon brought him under control. Leone said it's not a catch they'll easily forget.

“[The gator] had a distinctive look," Leone said. "He was missing an eye and his teeth were sticking out of his mouth."

Bizarrely, they also found a live turtle in his mouth.

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“The turtle had the chance to run off back to lake since we were holding him,” Leone said.

According to the sergeant, the alligator could have been a real threat because some people had been feeding it so it did not seem to fear humans.

FWC officers transferred the gator to an alligator rescue program, Leone said.

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