7-Year-Old Dog Rescued From Small Barn After Years of Neglect Gets Much-Needed Haircut

A puppy sheds his 35-pound coat of fur along with his past.

A resilient young dog rescued from a barn in Tennessee after years of neglect is getting a new "leash" on life following an epic haircut.

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Lazarus, a 7-year-old Pyrenean mountain dog, lived seven years of his life in filth, feces, and an overgrown 35-pound coat of fur.

According to Jean Harrison, owner of the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, the dog’s owner suffered from a mental illness and called on a family member for help.

The relative notified the rescue team and soon volunteers came to Lazarus’ aid, including two groomers who helped the poor pooch shed his massive coat.

"He has some muscles issues to his fur," Harrison told InsideEdition.com. “He had no muscle mass and was unable to move around, let alone walk."

After hours of grooming, the pup was reluctant to approach his rescuers but soon warmed up to their touch.

Despite having several health issues, the canine has slowly adjusted to life as a normal, happy dog.

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"Lazarus doesn’t know how to be a dog,” said Harrison. “He doesn’t exactly know how to behave like a dog.”

The canine currently resides in a  foster home in Virginia where he continues to receive medical care and tons of TLC.

Lazarus will be up for adoption when he regains his strength and is comfortable living with a new family.   

“He is such a sweet dog,” said Harrison. “Whenever he’s ready, he’ll be adopted.”

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