JonBenet Ramsey's Smirking Brother Draws Social Media Uproar: 'Can He Please Stop Smiling?'

Burke Ramsey's demeanor opened up speculation that he may have been involved in his sister's death.

The grinning brother of JonBenet Ramsey has set off a flurry of speculation after his awkward demeanor as he sat down with Dr. Phil.

Criticism of Burke Ramsey was swift on social media as he repeatedly smiled while talking about the death of his sister 20 years ago during the three-part interview with the TV shrink.

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“Can he please stop smiling,” wrote one person on twitter.

“Creepy and difficult to watch,” wrote another.

Some even suggested that his facial expression and mannerisms were an indication that he may have had something to do with JonBenet’s Christmas Day death 20 years ago in their Boulder, Colorado, home.

Behavior expert Dr. Lillian Glass gave her analysis to Inside Edition.

"I look at this as one of the most disturbing interviews I have ever seen," she declared. 

When Dr. Phil asked Burke about what his mother’s reaction on the night of the murder, he described it while smirking.

“You see he has a genuine smile. For any other kid, they would have been terrified," Dr. Glass said. "He is elated about it. Maybe he had a bad relationship with the mother? Maybe he didn’t like the mother?"

People are also pointing out that Burke bizarrely moves his fingers.

"When Burke is fidgeting with his hands it shows that he is nervous. The body doesn’t lie. It shows that he is leaking out some nervous energy, which is coming out through his hands," Dr. Glass said. 

Dr. Phil describes Burke as “socially awkward” and revealed that he works from home as a software engineer.

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“He didn’t grow up like a normal kid. He couldn’t go to school. He has a siege mentality,” Dr. Phil said.

Dr. Glass said: "It is though he is not socialized, he doesn’t know how to react. There is something off about Burke." 

Burke and his parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, all came under suspicion in JonBenet's death at one point. They have all since been exonerated. Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer in 2006.

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