Speed Artist Who Painted Trump's Controversial Portrait Recreates It in Minutes

Michael Israel has now recreated the huge image of Trump.

It may have a lasting effect on Donald Trump's bid for president, but this 6-foot tall portrait took an artist just minutes to make.

Speed artist Michael Israel has recreated the huge image of Trump for Inside Edition, and it took him just seven minutes.

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"He's got this regal power about his stare and his look," Israel said of the Republican nominee for president.

Nearly 10 years ago, Israel painted a version of the portrait for a charity auction held at Trump's Mar-A-Lago estate. It was bought by Melania Trump for $20,000 but the Trump Foundation reportedly picked up the tab.

The transaction is now being investigated by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

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In response, Trump called Schneiderman "a partisan hack” and said the investigation was "nothing more than another left wing hit job." Schneiderman is a Democrat.

Israel told Inside Edition that HomeSafe, a non-profit organization protecting the victims of child abuse and domestic violence, will auction off this latest version of the artwork. All proceeds will go to the charity. 

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