Boy, 10, Saves Choking Classmate's Life Despite Never Learning the Heimlich Maneuver

"It was an unfortunate event that turned out very well and we're proud of him for that," the school's principal said.

This fifth grader is being hailed a hero after rescuing a choking classmate, despite never having learned the Heimlich maneuver.

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Mi'Sean Graham, 10, was sitting next to fellow fifth grader Liam Ryan in the Milton Elementary School cafeteria when suddenly, Ryan put his hands around his neck.

"I put it in the side of my cheek, took a sip of milk and the milk carried it down," Liam said in an interview with WCAX. "I was just really scared."

Almost immediately, Mi'Sean was by his classmate's side: "I jumped over about two people and I did the Heimlich."

Although Mi'Sean's family said he has never been taught the procedure, Liam's family was thankful that Mi'Sean's instincts kicked in when their son needed him.

"He has my eternal respect and gratitude for what he did," said Liam's dad, Chris Ryan, according to WCAX. "I get really choked up over this."

Milton Elementary principal, Bridget Gagne, told there were staff in the cafeteria that were trained to perform the Heimlich maneuver, but, "it's important that all the kids look out for each other just like the faculty would.

"It was a very brave and noble thing to do," Gagne continued. "It was an unfortunate event that turned out very well and we're proud of him for that."

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Mi'Sean has since been honored by the town's rescue department and celebrated in a school assembly, but the humble hero said he was just glad to be there.

"I feel grateful that my friend was still alive," Mi'Sean said.

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