Elementary School Garden Shut Down After Students Fall Ill From Eating Vegetables

A community garden turned was shuttered after at least one student was rushed to the hospital after eating vegetables the students grew themselves.

An elementary school's community garden has been shuttered after at least one L.A. kid was rushed to the hospital, and several others were reported to have fallen ill after eating vegetables they grew themselves, according to reports. 

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The Micheltorena Elementary Garden, cultivated by both students and the Silverlake community, was closed Friday after multiple children got sick after eating the vegetables, the school reported. 

One 10-year-old student said in an interview with KABC that he and some friends were given mushrooms from the garden by someone who worked there before he was sent to the hospital.

"I picked him up. He could barely walk," his father said. "Within 30 to 40 minutes many kids got sick including mine."

"Our thoughts are with these children and their families as we await more information on their condition," superintendent Michelle King said in a statement. 

She said the school's health department will also be inspecting each garden in the school district, which is comprised of more than 1,000 schools and at least 600,000 students.

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But, one parent is already looking forward to the re-opening of the school's garden.

Local mother Christina Rivera told KCAL, "The kids love it. It's a wonderful addition. I don't know many schools in L.A. that have a garden so we want to get it resolved right away and have the kids get back to the garden."

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