Story of Joe Jonas Trapped in Elevator With Ex Demi Lovato Was Hoax: 'We Fooled Everyone'

The incident, which was documented on Snapchat, turned out to be a prank.

Joe Jonas has come clean about video of him trapped inside an elevator with ex-flame Demi Lovato, saying the incident was nothing but a hoax.

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"It was a total prank and we fooled everyone." the star revealed to People magazine. “I made the video saying we got stuck in the elevator, but we really weren’t. But I guess it’s bad karma to say that because I don’t want to get stuck in the elevator anytime soon.”

On Thursday, Jonas posted on Snapchat that he and his band, DNCE, were trapped for “four hours” in the elevator in Los Angeles with the "Heart Attack" singer.

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In the video, everyone expressed anxiety, sadness and despair, all of which ended up being exceptional acting.

But for Jonas, he had a traumatic experience to draw from.

Jonas told People: “I have been stuck in an elevator before and it was terrifying.”

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