Crimes of Passion: Homeowner Says She Came Home to Find 2 Burglars Having Sex on Her Couch

A woman charged after homeowner catches her and another man having sex in her living room.

If the discovery that your home has been robbed isn't bad enough, a Tennessee woman says she caught two robbers having sex in her living room when she came home.

Jamie Barnes, who was away for a few days, says she returned to her south Memphis house to find it ransacked, and that's not the only reason why she feels uncomfortable to be living there.

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“It's horrible in there. It's absolutely horrible in there. It's like they just had a big old nasty party,” said Barnes. “They ransacked my house and stole all my stuff, jewelry, appliances, clothes.”

Barnes told WREG that she found her front door open when she arrived at her house and when she walked in, she says two people were having sex on her couch.

“I picked up a broom,” Barnes said. “I wanted to hit that man so bad.”

She said that the man yelled “I don’t know nothing” repeatedly while the woman tried to cover up with one of Barnes' dresses.

"She tried to grab one of my dresses and put it on and I snatched it from her, what are you trying to do?" said Barnes.

The man reportedly took off and she tried to follow him but he got away. The woman, Tonka Barnes, 44, was arrested for aggravated burglary.

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Barnes’ neighbor, Christian Jones, reportedly saw the couple taking bins of clothing out of the house, and says they even trying to sell some of Barnes' jewelry.

"Crazy stuff," said Jones. "You never think something like that would happen. They're getting too bold."

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