Dashcam Captures 6 Officers, Flight Attendant Performing CPR on Woman Without Heartbeat

"Had they not intervened before the ambulance arrived, she would have remained dead," Deputy Alan Bernstein of the Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

When a Texas woman's heart stopped as she sat behind the wheel of her car, dashcam video showed more than a half dozen people joining efforts to saving her life.

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Ebony Ivory, 27, was driving in downtown Houston Tuesday when witnesses watched her car roll onto the sidewalk, and stopped after gently colliding with a religious center.

"Nobody was hurt," spokesperson Alan Bernstein of the Precinct 1 Harris County Constable's Office told InsideEdition.com.

But when six deputies approached the car to investigate, they discovered the woman was cold, and unresponsive.

"She had no heartbeat," Bernstein said.

Officers could be seen in dashcam video provided to InsideEdition.com smashing the window open. The men then helped out in removing Ivory, who doctors said weighed about 500 pounds, from the car.

"She wasn't even breathing," Ivory's aunt Gail Richard later told InsideEdition.com. "She was completely gone, according to the team."

A flight attendant, Thandie Duval, who is certified in CPR for her profession, also happened to be on the scene.

She led the six deputies in taking turns performing CPR on the woman whose heart had stopped as they waited for EMTs to arrive.

"Had they not intervened before the ambulance arrived, she would have remained dead," Bernstein said.

EMTs later told bystanders Ivory suffered a heart attack, Bernstein said.

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"We thank God they were there," her aunt Richard said. "They were just right there to get her where she needed to be."

Ivory's sister Shade Ivory told InsideEdition.com, "She's still in the hospital right now, but she's looking better."

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