Hold It Against Me: Britney Spears Says She 'Freaked Out' Before Failing to Do Backflip

The singer was photographed looking upset after the performance.

A rather unflattering photo of Britney Spears was snapped as the singer left the Apple Music Festival in London looking very upset after failing to do a backflip during her performance.

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While performing in London Tuesday night at the famous Roundhouse venue, Spears went in for a backflip but backed out at the last second. She reconsidered, but finally ditched the move altogether.

Viewers watching took to social media to take a few jabs at the 34-year-old pop star.

Other viewers praised the performance, with some even hailing it as one of the best in the history of the annual festival.

The following morning she was asked about the incident in a BBC Radio 1 interview.

She said: “Last night I freaked out, I put my hands up and there was a new guy there. Usually I have my signature guy who helps me with it, every night for the past three years. But it was this new guy."

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She was asked by interviewer and radio host Scott Mills if it was the dancer’s first day.

She replied: “No it wasn't his first day but it was his first time to touch my back and I couldn't do it. He's actually more muscly than the [usual] guy and I should've been more confident."

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