After Hoboken Crash, How You Can Escape a Train Collision Alive

Would you know how to get out alive if your train was in a crash?

Following Thursday morning’s commuter train nightmare in New Jersey that left 1 dead and dozens injured, there is a new focus on safety for passengers should they find themselves in such a scary situation.

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Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s Assistant General Manager of System Safety Scott Sauer gave Inside Edition some insight to what passengers can do to stay safe.

“You want to identify the closest exit. In some cases the exit could be behind you," he advised. 

The windows may be your only way out.

“Pull the red handle, when you pull the red handle, all the rubber gasket around that window is going to come with it. You are going to discard that and grab the window by the handle and discard that.

"It is important to know there is a 7-to-8-foot drop outside the window, you do not want to just jump out. Be very careful," he said. 

If the doorway isn't blocked, you may have to manually open it. Sauer said there is a level that will release the door and get it to open.

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If there is smoke on the train, Sauer advises to get down low and follow the glow in the dark caution tape on the floor that leads to the closest door.  

Witnesses in New Jersey said the train didn't even slow down as it came into the station in Hoboken. It jumped over a break pad and the first car went airborne.

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