Convenience Store Clerk Dragged Out of Store in Suspected Kidnapping in Front of Bystanders

Jose Eduardo Gaxiola Caro, 29, was arrested in connection to the alleged kidnapping.

A suspect has been taken into custody after surveillance footage showed him grabbing a convenience store cashier by the wrists, and allegedly kidnapping her out of the store as bystanders watched.

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The Los Angeles Police Department arrested Jose Eduardo Gaxiola Caro, 29, Wednesday night in connection to the alleged kidnapping. 

The 28-year-old victim was working behind the cash register at a Los Angeles convenience store when suddenly, the 6-foot-tall, 220-pound suspect grabbed her by the hands, and dragged her out the door.

A delivery man can even be seen in the surveillance video stepping over her, and dropping his package on the counter as the suspect pulls her out of the store.

Surveillance footage then appears to show the suspect forcing the woman into his red Honda Civic and closing the door, before getting into the driver's seat and fleeing the scene. It also appeared he hit her several times with the hammer he was carrying in his right hand.

Police responded to the scene shortly after when a silent alarm went off, and determined a kidnapping had taken place.

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The woman escaped the car hours later, and was found safe in a cemetery. She was able to alert her family, and get medical attention at a nearby hospital, a press statement reported.

Cops discovered the suspect's car hours later, and, following a short vehicle pursuit that ended in a crash, cops were able to take Caro into custody.

The victim said she did not know her alleged abductor, according to KCAL.

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