Police Dress Up as Superheroes to Bring Joy to Hospitalized Children

Kids get a special day when police officers dressed as super heroes come to see them.

Kids at The Children’s Hospital Colorado had a special day when they witnessed superheroes ‘flying’ outside of their hospital windows.

Five superheroes, members of the Aurora Police Department SWAT Team, rappelled off of the roof of the Denver hospital building to put a smile on the children’s faces.

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This year, the effort’s third year in a row, it was batman, captain america, spiderman, superman, and ironman who showed up to save the day.

“It was amazing. I have been in law enforcement for 24 years. It was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had in my life, just to see their (the kids) reactions,” Police Officer Mike Dieck told InsideEdition.com.

This is Dieck’s second year participating in the event and he was part of the squad that helped rappel the officers dressed in costumes, but last year he was batman.

The idea was birthed by Hallie Wastell, who had just beaten Cancer, and who realized she didn’t have anything on her bucket list. She wanted to bring joy to kids who were still stuck in the hospital so she pitched the idea to the police department.

“I had this image that I wanted to see superheroes rappelled down outside of children’s hospital Denver. Then it came true,” Wastell said in a video posted on Youtube.

Dieck said the request was easy to accomplish and it also gave the SWAT team the ability to practice rappelling.

The kids will usually gather in a hospital room and watch the officers come down.

They get to meet and interview the superheroes in the lobby afterwards, Dieck said.

“When I was batman I got asked by one child, how far Gotham City was from the hospital,” said Dieck. “I told him about an hour and everyone laughed.”

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Dieck said it’s really the kids who are to be admired, however.

“When you are in the hospital fighting for your life at their ages…These kids are the real superheroes,” Dieck said.

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