Dog-abunga! Canines Hit the Beach to Compete in Annual Dog Surfing Competition

Meet Gidget, a pug who came in third place in the Best In Surf finals category, Faith, a pit bull who came in second, and Hanzo, a boxer who came in first.

Surf's up in San Diego where more than 70 canines competed to see which is the top dog on the waves.

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Of the many dogs geared up in life jackets as they rode the waves in Sunday's Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, hosted by local rescue Helen Woodward Animal Center, three pups proved themselves champions.

Meet Hanzo, a boxer who nabbed first place in the Best in Surf finals category. Faith, a pit bull, followed closely behind in second, and Gidget the pug took home third. 

All three winners have been training and competing in local surfing competitions throughout the summer, leading up to this big day.

"My season has been a learning experience, meeting new friends, helping those in need, and knowing overall it takes hard work, persistence and dedication to earn what comes at the end," a Facebook post on Surf Gidget the Pug read.

According to a press release, the 70 dogs who competed were judged on their ability to ride the waves and stay on the board. Extra points were awarded for creativity in the freestyle section of the competition.

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More than 100 volunteers also flooded the beaches to help out during the event, according to the Woodward Animal Center's Facebook page.

Proceeds for the annual event go toward the care for rescue pets and educational programs, according to a statement.

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