Like a Boss: After Skipping School, Kid Receives Absent Note Signed by Bruce Springsteen

A Philadelphia 10-year-old skipped a day in school to meet Bruce Springsteen and had his absent letter signed by The Boss himself.

A young boy with a "Hungry Heart" is a rock star in school after he had a recent absence signed off by the one and only Bruce Springsteen.

Fifth-grader Michael Fenerty decided it was worth skipping class for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and greet the iconic musician.

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His father, Mike Fenerty, said his 10-year-old son previously attended a Bruce Springsteen concert back in the beginning of September on a school night, and the younger Fenerty couldn’t resist seeing him again at an upcoming meet and greet event where Springsteen was promoting his latest book.

“His mother gave him the okay to go [skip school] for the meet and greet” the father explained.

After the approval, Mike had asked his son what was the protocol if he was to stay home and little Fenerty jokingly said: "Dad, we should get Bruce Springsteen to sign my absence note."

It was an exciting idea for the father, who has been listening to the "Pink Cadillac" singer for more than 40 years.

When the excited duo went inside Philadelphia’s Free Library for the event, little Fenerty was one of just a few kids to see The Boss, a fact that caught the singer's attention.

“Bruce started waving to him... He became very animated and said ‘ Get up here! ’and he [Bruce] gave him a high-five” said Mr. Fenerty.

Bruce Springsteen chit chatted away with Michael’s father and the psyched fan himself. During their conversation, Michael politely leaned over and asked the rock star for his signature on his absent note.

"He said, 'sure, I’d love to sign your absent note but I have to read it because that’s how I got in trouble over my last contract,'" the elder Fenerty said.

Little Michael was filled with excitement, adding that Springsteen told him, "I hope you don’t get in trouble."

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After the encounter, Michael’s father quickly stopped by his office to print photo copies and ran to Masterman School to hand it to the principal, Jessica Brown.

“She was amazing,” little Michael said.

Luckily, Ms. Brown had a good laugh and returned the letter for Michael to keep.

The overwhelmed fan said he will frame the letter and cherish it forever.

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