Clumsy Baby Elephant Eventually Takes Her First Steps, After Series of Attempts

A baby elephant is causing a cuteness overload after she was caught on camera stumbling as she attempting to take her first steps.

A video of a baby elephant attempting to walk after stumbling and rolling off the ground is undeniably adorable!

Proud mother Asha gave birth to a 153-pound  Asian calf — her first — back in September at Ireland's Dublin Zoo.

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“This is Asha’s first calf and so far she has done a remarkable job. Asha has incredible maternal instincts and over the past two years has watched the other females in the herd raise their calves and learned from their behavior,” said Gerry Creighton, the Dublin Zoo's operations manager .

The newest member of the zoo has many celebrated several achievements over the past month, including being the fourth baby elephant to be born at the animal park in more than two years, but that’s not all.

For starters, she strives to do the best she can when it comes to taking her first steps. In the footage, the youngster is stumbling and rolling off the ground as she attempts to stand on her feet.

Luckily, after a series of attempts, she finally manages to pick herself up and walk, step-by-step.

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 Experts believe that approximately 30,000 to 60,000 Asian elephants exist in the wild right now.

The little one does not yet have a name, prompting the Dublin Zoo to appeal to the public for any suggestions for a name, relating to her Asian origin.

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