Oh, Baby! Wife Reveals Pregnancy to Husband and His Reaction Is Priceless

A loving husband's sweet reaction to his wife's pregnancy is priceless.

A new baby is the beginning of an adventure and for this couple, the beginning is a dream come true.

24-year-old Tania Guiterrez, a Texas native, decided to reveal her pregnancy to her husband as a wonderful surprise.

The happy couple have been together since they were 16 and tied the knot last March.

“He’s been asking to have a baby since we were 18,” Guiterrez told InsideEdition.com. “When I revealed my pregnancy to him, I didn’t expect him to react that way he did.”

Guiterrez said she was found out she was pregnant while her husband was feeling under the weather.

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She decided to take a pregnancy test, and much to her surprise, it was positive.

Guiterrez also received an ultrasound, just to be sure.

“I wasn’t expecting a baby to be honest,” said Guiterrez. “I was trying to get pregnant but it was hard for me, so I decided to stop thinking about it and that’s when I found out.”

The mom-to-be rushed to a local Wal-Mart, bought a small toy, and covered it up trying to surprise her husband with the good news.

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In the video posted on Twitter, Guiterrez placed the toy and the ultrasound on the bed while she stood behind the door.

Husband Ronald was so excited when he saw the ultrasound that his hands shook as he jumped and squealed and, finally, embraced his wife in a loving hug.

Guiterrez she doesn’t know whether she's having a girl or a boy. Her due date is sometime in March.

“We’re really happy,” said Guiterrez. “We’re freaked out, but in a good way.”

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