Two Women Arrested after Posting Note Against 'Snitches' on Front Door

Two women were arrested after they posted a note telling visitors they would search them.

Two arrests were made easy for officers when a note against “snitches” was posted on the door of a West Virginia home.

April Lynn Lavender, 38, the owner of the home, and Kristie Weis, 22, were arrested after police responded to the house on a complaint of “joyriding.’’

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Police said when they arrived at the house a pink note was posted on the door, giving a warning to snitches that they were subject to search.

The note read, “Due to snitches, everyone entering my home is subject to being searched. All cellphones and drinks will be left outside. (If you’re not a snitch it won’t offend you if I search)”

Officers said when they saw the note they thought that drugs were being sold out of the house and after a search and questioning, they found heroin and methamphetamine, as well as other various substances believed to be narcotics.

“While drug investigations often require a great deal of time and effort, sometimes the criminals make our job pretty easy," said Fayette County Sheriff Kessler. "If someone posts a sign on their front door about searching 'snitches,' it's a pretty safe bet that there are illegal drugs being sold out of that location."

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Lavender was arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell while Weis was charged with joyriding.

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